The tool you need to submit the Bioimpedance Report, Skin Folds and Anamnesis Questionnaire direct on your Client's WhatsApp!!!


No more delivering paper sheets and complicated spreadsheets to your clients.

Your clients will be able to access the Body Analysis report at any time to follow its evolution.

FineShape from the informed data of the evaluation will automatically create an INCREDIBLE form of the evaluation of your client.

The report is complete, intuitive and easy for your Client to understand.

See below the report that you will send to your client via WhatsApp.


FineShape for our clients

Nobody better than who uses our tool on a daily basis to tell you about FineShape. These are some of the testimonials that some of our clients have sent to us ... with which do you most identify?

Marcio Almeida

"If you still have questions about joining the system, don't waste time! It's worth a lot!"

Marcio Almeida - Physical Educator
Janaína Arruda

"I've added this fantastic application, it's being a super, mega tool to leverage my business. The clients are loving this tracking method. Super Indic!!!"

Janaína Arruda - Wellness Coach
Ricco Porto

"Professional evaluation sheet, and that the client can access from anywhere beyond the value of the subscription which is super cheap. Simply fantastic..."

Ricco Porto - Beautician
Regina Evangelista

"Excellent and super valid. Certainly, it is worth making this investment!"

Regina Evangelista - Nutritionist
Rodrigo Eves

"I loved it ... my clients were very happy with the professionalism of our monitoring with this work tool! Congratulations!"

Rodrigo Eves - Wellness Coach
Aline Castro

"Hello, very good program! Congratulations, simple and objective."

Aline Castro - Personal Trainer
Nadia Saraiva

"I'm loving FineShape!!! My clients loved the novelty!!!"

Nadia Saraiva - Wellness Coach
Bruno Sangoi

"That's what I've been looking for for a long time and now I found it here. Great application, very easy to use and exceeded both my expectations and those of my clients...Great I recommend!"

Bruno Sangoi - Personal Trainer
Andreza Sanches

"Great tool. Helps a lot at work!!!"

Andreza Sanches - Physiotherapist
Viviane Moura

"Excellent! I bought the program. My service is much better! Very satisfied!"

Viviane Moura - Nutritionist
Bruna Santos

"Fantastic, I'm in love and very pleased. Congratulations!"

Bruna Santos - Beautician

FineShape is a segmented tool in the Body Analysis Market that has been revolutionizing the way more than 6,000 professionals serve their clients!

And the best, making you save time by not creating Complicated Spreadsheets and Money, by not buying that pile of Paper Sheets, where the Client always loses or accidentally throws away!

With FineShape you will have it all in one place and still be able to send differentiated reports and questionnaires directly into your Client's WhatsApp!

If you want to make your work even more professional and be able to show it to your clients in a totally different way and with that you make them even more loyal, you need FineShape in your business!

With FineShape you will leave the competition behind and take your business to another level!


Don't stay behind! Enter the mobile world and promote your business by creating your own body evaluations. FineShape is an online tool that will allow you to perform professional and personalized monitoring.

Promote your business, show your professionalism, involve your clients like never before and see the result.

Create your body evaluation and be part of the revolution.

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